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Please fill this form out if you are interested in becoming a volunteer. Be aware, you can search for volunteering opportunities that are nearby to your home, in areas which interest you on Do-It.org.uk, which is a faster way of starting your volunteering journey.

When you fill this form out it will be emailed to our volunteer centre. Your information will be kept private under the Data Protection Act. Our volunteer centre will advise you on volunteering opportunities which may interest you based on the information you have provided here.


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How did you hear about this Volunteer Centre?:

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Do you require any support or a support worker to become a volunteer?:

Do you know of any restrictions such as being barred which would limit where or with whom you could volunteer?:

What kind of area would you like to volunteer in? (e.g. Animals, children, elderly, mentoring, etc):

What kind of skills/activities are you interested in volunteering in? (e.g. Admin, caring, driving, practical, etc):

Please record your Voluntary or past work experience and the skills you have?:

What are your volunteering preference?:

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What is your current employment status?:

Which Ethnic group do you feel you belong to?:



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Additional comments
Is there anything you would like to tell us or mention?

Is there any other information you would like to tell us, or feel that we should know about, which would be relevant, limit or stop you taking up a volunteering opportunity?

(Information on this form is confidential and protected by Data Protection. N.B. Only after discussion and if you give your permission to us to share relevant information, can it be divulged to another party or organisation)

Please type in the words you see to submit this form. If you are having a problem reading the words, you can click on the "Get a new challenge" button until you find something that's easier to read.

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